Best Tips for Buying Discount Cigars

We know lots of folks who have cut back on their cigar smoking to try to save some money wherever they can, but it is always unfortunate to cut things out of your life that you genuinely enjoy just in the interest of saving money. It’s a great feeling when you can balance your budget to still include the simple pleasures in life that brighten your day a little. We wanted to help make this easier for people, so we decided to list out some of our advice for purchasing high-quality discount cigars. Look through these tips and see what works best for you and your interests in cigars, so you can still find the time and budget to enjoy the things you like.

Mini Cigar Tins

These tins are great for those who like to smoke quickly and casually, and do not need a single cigar to last a while. These tins include slightly smaller cigars at a reduced price to match the number per pack as well as the slimmed down size. These are great if you need a quick break to unwind after work or on the weekends with a cigar. Each pack should also be able to hold you over for a bit.

Cigar Bundles

Bundle deals are certainly great for those looking to get an excellent value for what they are trying to buy. Essentially, we would recommend cigar bundles to those who already know what they like in cigars, so you might want to consider this option if you are an experienced smoker, but no to much if you are still figuring out what you like or you are more interested in variety and want to try out products from lots of different brands often. With cigar bundles, you are purchasing a certain type of cigar in bulk and getting a better price because of it. While you are purchasing a larger quantity all at once and spending more upfront, when you consider the amount you pay versus the number of cigars you receive, you realize that it is a good way to save money over time. Instead of buying the same number of cigars as singles, you can get them all together at once and save on them. The only thing you have to consider is that they will all be the same type of cigar, so if you are going to take this option and enjoy the large bundle of discount cigars, you need to be sure that it is a brand you will enjoy to the very last one.

Samplers Packs

Samplers are a little more exciting than ordinary packs of cigars because these include a mix of cigars from different lines and sometimes even brands. You get a special price with sampler packs for buying them as a group and for buying their curated selection of cigars, so it is the perfect way to try out new products while not overspending.

Value Brands

Our last bit of advice for buying discount cigars has to do with the brand itself rather than the type of cigar you can buy. All of the previously mentioned points were about the different types of cigar packs you could buy, but this one is simply about the brands themselves. While we do offer a considerable range of premium cigar brands that are priced in that high-end range, we also try to provide some variety at Rocky's Cigars with premium brands that are more affordable for different audiences. These brands are fantastic and we love having them as an option for our customers to appreciate both the quality and affordability of these brands. You can enjoy a great tasting cigar at any price range, so fear not, we have some great products for you to try out from brands that are generally set at a lower price point. With these more affordable brands, you also have the option of enjoying them through any of the cigar packs listed above. You can get a great value for discount cigars by buying value brands in the form of samplers, tins, and bundles as well. This gives you a lower price point upfront and offers you a deal for the amount you are buying. It is a clever way to buy your cigars and save at the same time. 

Regardless of how much you feel comfortable spending on cigars and tobacco products, you should be able to enjoy a good smoke every now and then when the mood strikes. We have a true and genuine love for all things tobacco here at Rocky’s Cigars so we love being able to share that with others as much as possible. An easy way to get more people onboard with cigars is letting them know what their options are and how they can purchase cigars for a fair price. You can buy your cigars any one of these ways and get great tasting cigars at a great price.

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