Best Ways to Discover My Father Cigars

My Father is one of the most ubiquitous and well-loved cigar lines in the industry. Since its founding as a little cigar factory in 2003, this company has been able to set itself apart from the rest through sheer talent, passion, and dedication. The founder Jose Pepin Garcia poured his heart into this company and put his decades of experience in cigars to good use, creating this now iconic label. You might be familiar with the name even if you have never tried it yourself, but it is certainly worth exploring further. Sometimes all you need is a good introduction to get you headed in the right direction. These are some easy ways to familiarize yourself with My Father cigars and get the products you like most.

The Most Iconic Labels
A good place to start your journey into My Father cigars as a whole is to try out the brands from this line that are the most popular and recognizable. These cigars are the ones that usually end up on lists for the best of all time. Some cigars just become so recognized and beloved that their reputations carry them on for years, with some even lasting for decades in the spotlight. These kinds of cigars are the ones that you might have noticed your older relatives smoking when you were younger and still new to cigars.

They have become so immensely popular for good reason. Premium cigars, including the ones from My Father, use the best binder and filler tobacco available and seal it all in with a quality wrapper leaf as a finishing touch. You are setting yourself up for a good start when you smoke these iconic My Father brands because they are a safe bet. They are so universally beloved, there is a good chance you will enjoy them greatly as well, or you will at least develop some sort of idea for what My Father cigars have to offer. Just enough to come back for more at another time.

Since My Father has been around for some time now, there are quite a few brands that have emerged from this line to become iconic in their own regards. Just off the top, we can think of My Father La Promesa, Le Bijou 1922, and La Gran Oferta. If you want to get a good idea of what this line has to offer, these are some great cigars to give you that frame of reference.

Personal Recommendations
While some of us enjoy our personal hobbies in solitude, others like to share them with as many people as possible who are interested. It can be a lot of fun to talk to people in person or even online who are interested in the same things as us and spend their free time exploring cigars and tobacco as well. People build their own clubs or friend groups around cigars and have buddies they can turn to whenever they feel like talking about cigars. It is great to have friends who share in your passions so that you can bounce ideas off of them and learn more about cigars through them.

This is actually the next way that we recommend you try discovering new cigar brands. You can rely on the experience that your peers have and trust in them to provide you with some helpful recommendations. Since they also know you already, they will be more likely to recommend the cigar brands that they think you would like. Seeing as My Father cigars are so commonly found and well-loved, there is a good chance that some of your smoking buddies, either online or in real life, are familiar with the line and have tried a good amount of them in the past. You might have even seen them smoking one before.

Whether or not you have a solid group of smoking buddies, you should still be open to suggestions and recommendations from others. Often we see people find a great amount of success in shopping based on “cigar of the year” lists. These provide suggestions based on a very large pool of consumers and what they have enjoyed the most lately. These kinds of top lists usually spotlight new releases, but also take the time to name older brands that many of us return to despite the newer products we see. Many of these lists will include My Father cigars by brand and give you a suggestion for which ones to try out first if you truly cannot decide for yourself.

Fit for Your Taste
Those with a larger mental catalog of notes and tobacco leaves have the advantage of knowing more about what is currently available on the market, and what they personally enjoy. This experience is invaluable and truly comes with time put into learning about something that you enjoy.

With this amount of experience, you very likely have tried many of the more popular premium cigar lines out there and are curious about the ones remaining. My Father cigars are certainly some great ones to add to your bank of knowledge. Great cigars come in many different shapes and forms, and very much depend on the tastes of the smoker. Some prefer smooth, mellow, creamy notes with a medium flavor profile, while others want much stronger flavors of bold leather, spicy black pepper, and earthy woods.

It is all up to the smoker, and knowing which details you prefer can make it so much easier to shop for cigars you have never tried before. You can just rely on this wealth of knowledge you have and choose the My Father cigars you would like to try based on the descriptions of the notes online.

Once you feel like you have a solid way of identifying which My Father cigars you want to test, you can move ahead in that direction. My Father has several excellent options for you to consider and we are happy to provide them at Rocky’s Cigars. We carry some of the most popular and beloved brands from this line, so you will be able to test out the waters and find your new favorites pretty easily. Shop for singles or try out a cigar sampler for My Father to give you a nice range to choose from all at once.

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