Cigar Smoking Kit: The Essentials

Any cigar connoisseur has their personal routine. People have different preferences when it comes to cigar brands and cigar accessories. However, when it comes to the broader picture, the essentials remain the same for any premium cigar-smoking experience.

You will always need a way to carry a cigar, a way to cut the cigar, and a way to light it. That will hold true no matter what cigar smoker you talk to. The difference comes with the accessories you decide to use for your experience. From the cigar itself to the butane lighter fluid to fill your lighter. Each piece is important when building the perfect cigar smoking kit.

Before you can even get into the cigar accessories needed to enhance the experience, you have to discover what cigars you like best. If you are new to the world of cigars then you may not be aware of the many different sizes and shapes that cigars can come in. There are cigars like the robusto that is short and fat, but also cigars like the panetela that are long and thin.

If you are more interested in social cigar smoking or smoking before dinner you may prefer a mild cigar, while if you are more interested in the flavor of the cigar and really taking it in you may prefer a medium cigar. Bold cigars should really not be used by those that have little to no experience with cigars. It’s better to work your way up to not get overwhelmed.

Another way to pick out cigars is by brand. If you have a brand of cigar that you are fond of or were recommended a specific brand by a friend then you can always finetune your search by using our website to find the right cigar for you. Just search by cigar brand and after you select the brand that you want you can see what options you are interested in and what’s available.

Cigar Case

After you have your cigars picked out you’ll need somewhere to store them. No one wants their cigars going stale. If they are left out they could lose their flavor. Then they risk becoming very bland and possibly unsmokeable.

You’ll need a proper carrying case. At Rocky’s Cigars, we have some amazing cigar cases for sale. We have Soleto Cases available that not only stylish and sleek but also hold a very important purpose for cigar smokers. They have a special lining to keep your cigars safe and fresh, but can also hold your cigar accessories. Some have compartments to hold your butane lighter fluid and lighters, as well as a cigar cutter, and anything else you’ll need.

Cigar Cutting Tool

When it comes to cutting a cigar it’s all a matter of preference. There are multiple tools that can get the job right. A popular choice in the cigar-smoking community is just using a cigar cutter. An excellent cigar cutter is the S. T. Dupont MaxiJet Cutter. It comes in three different color choices: black and red, black and chrome, and full chrome. This is a slick-looking cigar cutter that can get the job done effortlessly.

Another option to cut the cigar would be a cigar knife. On our website, you can find the Les Fines Lame Petit Collection of cigar knives. We have five options available: olive wood, ziricote, marblewood, carbon fiber, and green micarta.

Cigar Lighter and Fluid
Now that you’re able to cut the cigar you’re ready to light it up. This may seem like something that isn’t that important but to have the best possible smoking experience you can’t just have any tool to light your cigar. Using a match is inconsistent. Matches can easily go out and have a higher possibility of causing an uneven burn.

 If you’re spending money on a quality premium cigar, you don’t want it to go to waste. The best way to light a cigar is with a butane lighter. A butane lighter allows for a simple, even burn. It can also be easily refilled. On our site, we offer butane lighters and butane lighter fluid. We offer quality Lotus butane. There is no better way to smoke a cigar and we make it easy for you to get everything you need in one place.

So now that you’ve read this guide you’ll have your favorite brand and style of cigar. You have a proper way to carry your cigars and cigar accessories, that will keep them fresh for when you need them. You have your preferred method of cutting a cigar, whether it’s with a classic cigar cutter or a cigar knife. You have your butane lighter and butane lighter fluid for an even and lasting burn for your cigar. All that’s left to do is enjoy! Get your favorite cigars and cigar accessories from our site today.

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