Four Distinct Ways to Buy Cigars for Sale

With so many types of cigar and tobacco products on the market, and so many preferences for different kinds of people, we've noticed that some ways of purchasing cigars lend themselves well to certain kinds of people. You might even notice this yourself if you know that you shop for cigars only one or two different ways. It seems like every cigar enthusiast has their own habits for picking out their cigars, but we would like to challenge that today. Or at the very least, give you some suggestions for new ways that you can try buying your cigars from now on. This could be a good idea if you were already interested in broadening your horizons when it comes to your cigar tastes, or if you want to see whether or not other shopping methods will make a difference in the kinds of cigar brands you pick out. Ultimately, the choice is yours, but we are happy to help people get the most out of their cigar experience, knowing what their options are. So here are some of the ways that you can buy cigars for sale, with each shopping process creating its own unique experience for you as the consumer.

Your Old Favorites
It only feels fair to start off with this way of purchasing cigars for sale since it is likely your default already. Buying familiar cigars that you love is a great way to enjoy cigar smoking. At this point, you have tested the waters a bit and found some high-quality, discount cigars that you can go back to consistently without ever getting bored. These are your go-to cigars when you want to enjoy a smoke and not worry about a thing. There is no uncertainty to it. You know what you are getting and what it will be like smoking them, which can be greatly comforting when you just want to relax with a cigar in hand. Although it is not the most adventurous, it is still a great way to buy cigars for sale.

Staff Recommendations
Now moving on to more bold ways of purchasing cigars for sale, we have staff recommendations. Some cigar retailers, including yours truly at Rocky's Cigars, offer a helpful guide on their store websites for those seeking out new products. This can be a great help if you feel like your tastes have been stunted or you do not have many cigar buddies who can give you their own suggestions for new products to try. We offer Staff Picks on our website as a way of helping people find new premium cigars they might be interested in. Our staff members are very experienced in this industry and have tested countless cigar brands including all of the ones we have listed in our shop. This leads to a helpful collection of recommended cigars, as chosen by experts. You might even notice that you have similar tastes as one staff member in particular and have several new cigars to enjoy from that point on. It's usually a good idea to listen to those who know their stuff, and it can lead you to some great discoveries.

Iconic Cigar Lines
If you have been smoking for a while now, there are probably still some iconic cigars still on your list to try. We highly recommend people try out these classic flavors to understand that point of reference and see why it is so popular, but also to just get it out of your system. You have probably been meaning to try them for a while now, but haven't gotten around to it, so now is the best time. Try out those iconic lines like Arturo Fuente Hemingway or My Father Le Bijou. They don't have to be saved for any special occasion either. Just give them a go right away and cross these off your list.

Special Promotions
Occasionally, cigar retailers will have some sort of promotions as a way of celebrating a season or some special occasion. It is a fun way for the community to get involved and have some fun with this shared hobby. It usually does not involve too much either, so it is fairly easy for anyone to get involved. These promotional events can be fun because they usually involve a curated collection of cigars for sale based on some shared trait and make it more exciting to try something new.

As an example, we have the currently running event DREWcember, which is a special online raffle event going until December 29th, encouraging everyone to pick up some of the cigars from the Drew Estate. They produce many of the amazing cigars we love being able to offer in our shop, so this is a great opportunity for people to pick out some fantastic premium cigars and enter a special raffle at the same time. The number of tickets you get in the raffle is based on how many Drew Estate Cigars you purchase, so this is a great time to repurchase cigars you like or follow one of the shopping methods listed above to try something new. There are some great prizes on the line and we are excited to see the reactions from our customers who love many of the cigar brands involved in the promotion. This sort of event is a fun way to get introduced to new brands and to have some fun as a community in the process. There are events like this year round, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter to keep up with all of them, and maybe participate if something sounds exciting to you.

We can definitely recommend any one of these ways for purchasing cigars for sale; it just depends on how you like to shop and what you are looking for at the moment. Each one of these methods creates its own shopping experience and impacts the way you think of your cigars. Once you figure out which methods work best for you, it should be pretty easy to enjoy your favorites, while exploring new discount and premium cigars. You can shop all of these ways online with Rocky’s Cigars and check out some of the cigar accessories and cigar samplers while you are at it.

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