How to Know Which Tobacco is Best with Sutliff Tobacco

When it comes to hobbies, everyone has them. Maybe you like to indulge in a glass of wine every night before bed, or after a stressful day at work, you enjoy diving into an entire pint of ice cream. No matter what you do or what you use that may help you unwind or forget about the stresses and troubles of daily life, there’s always something out there for everyone.

For many, smoking fine tobacco products can be a great hobby. Now that can come in the form of a cigarette, a cigar, or even a vape pen. Regardless of what that item might be, there is usually going to be tobacco involved in one way or another. Some people may disagree, but many others think that a good bag of tobacco is one of the finer things in life to be enjoyed. While tobacco and other related products get a bad reputation, there is the reason that many people around the world put those negative connotations aside to indulge every once in a while.

Like anything in life, moderation is key. Anything in excess, especially tobacco, may be missing the point of why people smoke in the first place. Just like a well-aged wine or some expensive artisan cheese, tobacco can also be curated and manufactured to be something to be sought after and savored.

Sure, it’s as simple as hopping in your car and heading to the nearest gas station to pick up a pack of tobacco cigarettes and start puffing away, but the good stuff is hard to find and is meant to be enjoyed. The good tobaccos and we mean really good tobaccos, aren’t found in prepackaged cigarette boxes from your local corner store, they are made and sold with the intention to be enjoyed and fully experienced.

As mentioned above, those types of tobaccos, like Sutliff tobacco, can be a bit of a process to find. The entire process of choosing the right tobacco for you can also be a little bit of a process, but all that work with being entirely worth it in the end when you have your hands on some seriously high-quality tobacco to use however you please, whether that be hand-rolling your own cigarettes, packing your own pipes, or using them for cigars.

Sutliff tobacco is amongst some of the best pipe tobacco you can buy on the market. But you may be wondering why?

Why Sutliff is the Real Deal

Interestingly enough, this tobacco company is one of the oldest manufacturers of pipe tobacco in the entire world. Since 1849, this company has been pumping out quality pipe tobacco, first in San Francisco, California, and then now in Richmond, Virginia since 1953.

Over the years, Sutliff has sold an incredible amount of tobacco products, most famous and well-known for their Mixture No. 79. But they continue to put out masterful blends of bulk tobacco that is sold throughout a high number of smoke shops, tobacco shops, and cigar shops alike. The real appeal of these tobaccos is the innovative flavor profiles and beautiful aromatics that make their products so unique. Their range of bulk tobacco and tobacco products is quite diverse and can appeal to literally anyone who enjoys the taste of tobacco.

From widely aromatic tobaccos holds well with different flavor profiles and palettes. For tobacco lovers who aren’t big fans of aromatics, they also make high-quality non-aromatic and Lakatia blends, as well. There really is something for everyone at Sutliff and that’s why it’s been the best of the best for decades upon decades.

Now the brief history of Sutliff tobacco may be insightful, but that doesn’t tell you a whole lot about what tobacco would suit you and your preferences. It can be difficult to find the right tobacco for you, but it is entirely possible and can be a fun way to see what different kinds of tobacco and tobacco blends are out there.

Let’s break down the entire process of how to find yourself tobacco that you will thoroughly enjoy.

How to Find the Right Tobacco

Not all tobacco is made equal. Much like how there are different grape varieties for wine, there are different tobacco varieties to blend together to make the tobacco you then smoke. Here are the most common and prevalent types of tobacco leaves that you will find.

  • Virginia
  • Perique
  • Oriental
  • Burley
  • Latakia
  • Bright

Every single one of these tobacco varieties holds different characteristics and flavor profiles that when combined together make for incredibly varying flavors and aromas. From there, those types of tobaccos are then split between the categories of aromatics and non-aromatics.

Aromatic blends have syrups and sugars added to them during the processing stage when making the tobacco. This is called a “casing.” Non-aromatics do not have this casing. The entire process that goes into making the tobacco that you can buy in the store can be interesting in terms of finding out which type of tobacco would be right for you.

When going into a tobacco store or any smoke shop without any idea of what to buy, you’re the best bet is to talk to any one of the employees there. More often than not, these workers will know a thing or two about the tobacco that they are selling. A tobacco store will have knowledgeable employees that can give you recommendations and their expertise to lead you in the right direction.

At Rocky’s Cigars, we are committed to keeping up to date with the latest and greatest tobacco-related products and items. Whether shopping in-store or online, we are here to help you in any way you can to find your new favorite tobacco to pack in your pipe or to hand-roll your cigarettes. That may even include the well-known Sutliff tobacco.

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