Let’s Get to Know My Father Cigars

My Father Cigars is a family owned business that carries on a genuine passion for cigars and tobacco that goes back decades at this point. Founder Jose Pepin Garcia had been rolling cigars from a young age and would later become a highly praised torcedor, a cigar roller. He spent decades working at some of the largest names in cigars as a master roller, building his reputation in the industry as someone who knew his cigars and knew how to get them just right. Eventually, he took his skills and love for tobacco, and turned it to a business of his own, opening up his own cigar factory then later his own brand. Since creating My Father cigars, Garcia has put all of his hands-on experience and industry knowledge to work, developing a brand that has earned every bit of its praise. Now Garcia, along with two of his children, run My Father and keep the legacy alive. As if it were not clear enough, we are fans of My Father cigars at Rocky's Cigars and are more than happy to share them with other cigar enthusiasts looking for something new and exciting. Right now, they have quite a few fantastic lines of cigars that give something for everyone. To help people learn more about the brand and feel prepared to try it out for themselves, we wanted to provide some information about them and their offerings. Here are four cigars from My Father that you will definitely want to know about.

La Promesa
This cigar features a rich, oily Ecuador Habano Rosado Oscuro wrapper with Nicaraguan binder and filler. It is a good choice for those who like some sweetness blended into their cigars since it has such clear notes of chocolate and caramel, being contrasted and balanced out by the soft yet spicy white pepper that kicks in. The sweetness does not get overwhelming, but it is still present, even as more earthy notes come through with a mix of wood, coffee, leather, nuts, and some warm spices. La Promesa smoothly balances out any traces of chocolate with the earthy notes, making it a mature, moderate flavor profile. It is not too strong or mild, but sits firmly in the middle with its intensity of flavor, which also makes it a good option for those still getting adjusted to smoking who might want something more soft.

Gran Oferta
Like La Promesa, La Gran Oferta features a dark Ecuadorian Habano Rosado wrapper with Nicaraguan tobacco as the binders and filler. Instead of being somewhat mild, however, La Gran Oferta is medium to full bodied with flavors that read more intensely. The notes of this cigar begin with dark chocolate and black pepper, then carry on with just a little bit of fresh sweetness from citrus fruits that also brighten up the flavor profile a bit. Gran Oferta really allows the natural flavor of the Nicaraguan tobacco to shine through, with some added notes of sweetness and spice coming across as well. The flavors come through clearly to really allow you to appreciate them without hiding behind too many additional layers of tasting notes.

La Opulencia
Those who prefer a more intense, full bodied cigar will definitely want to check out La Opulencia by My Father Cigars. La Opulencia is an incredibly popular cigar in their line with aged Nicaraguan tobacco for binders and filler and a San Andres Oscuro wrapper leaf. This mature cigar delivers a bold taste of wood, black pepper, dark roasted coffee, and spices with some hints of leather and cocoa coming through as well. This is absolutely a rich, robust cigar that packs a bold punch of flavor. It fits in line with more mature tastes that will appreciate the aged tobacco adding lots of depth to this dark, bold cigar.

Le Bijou
Another fan favorite and highly acclaimed cigar from the My Father lineup is Le Bijou. It has Nicaraguan tobacco wrapped with an Haban Oscuro wrapper leaf. This medium to full bodied cigar is quite unique in the market with its uncanny notes of chocolate covered raisins as if you had a palm full of the candy itself. Do not assume it is too sweet however, as the notes of leather and earthiness follow up with just the right balance of sweetness and salt to give the dark chocolate and tobacco its perfect complement.

We wanted to provide you with some background information in case you were completely unfamiliar with My Father cigars, so that you could have a good jumping off point to decide how you want to carry on with this brand. They have a great, well-rounded selection of cigars right now, so you are sure to find some that catch your attention. We know that trying new cigars and exploring brands you have never tried before can be intimidating and feel risky since you do not know how you will feel about everything you choose, but we want you to feel more at ease venturing out more. That's why we made it a point to carry cigar samplers at Rocky's Cigars. We wanted people to be able to try out different products from the brand without having to purchase them all individually, so they can get a bit of a discount while they test out the flavors. Each sampler pack includes different cigars from the brand, so you get to try out several new flavors all at once and form an opinion on all of them. We find that this is a great way for people to get to know a brand and discover what the brand has to offer fairly quickly. You can also shop for singles of My Father cigars and go directly for the ones that sound like they would be right up your alley. You just need to have those options available to you and a good idea of what each cigar is like ahead of time. You can try out My Father cigars here and see if they are a good fit for you. We are just glad to have made the introduction.

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