Lighting A Premium Cigar with Triple Refined Butane Fuel

Triple Refined Butane Fuel

You don't necessarily need any special equipment to get started lighting a cigar. Nonetheless, this isn't the same as lighting a cigarette or pipe. Fine cigars are meticulously made by hand using only the finest tobaccos. As a result of the humidification process, it takes a moment to get a cigar going. For a proper cigar burn, many strategies may be used. A few methods should also be avoided. A cigar's flavor may be influenced by the way it is lit. If you're worried about using the wrong tools while lighting a premium cigar, follow these guidelines on how to get a good light and excellent flavor with a butane torch.

Use Lighters with Triple Refined Butane Fuel
Having the right butane is the first step in making any lighter work properly. You should bear in mind that not all butane is the same, with the main factor being how many times the butane is refined. By purifying butane at least three times before use, contaminants that might harm the burners in your lighter or interfere with the flavor of an expensive cigar are removed.

Your lighter will run more smoothly and last longer if you use a more refined fuel, as it contains less impurities that can damage burners. Excessive levels of refinement are achieved in Lotus Triple Refined Butane Fuel. Premium butane not only improves the performance of your lighter, but also extends the life of your device. The triple refining procedure won't block your lighter's jets and will help to preserve excellent flavor, since Lotus is over 99.99 percent pure butane.

For a variety of reasons, butane lighters are an excellent choice for cigar smokers. When compared to other fuels, butane burns cleaner and has fewer contaminants than liquid fuel in wickinging lighters, which can severely impact taste.

What's the Big Deal About Refined Butane?
Many cigar connoisseurs like to light their cigars with cedar spills or hardwood matches, but they also use high-quality butane fuel.

A butane lighter is often a far more convenient method to light a cigar, especially in windy conditions. To ensure that the flame stays lit and that the burner valves of the lights do not get clogged, a higher-quality butane should always be used. The best way to get the most out of your lighter is to use butane that has been filtered multiple times. If you use less-refined butane, it may clog the ignitor and prevent it from lighting, even though you may hear a hissing sound to indicate that gas is flowing.

Butane is a natural gas product that has to be separated from other naturally occurring flammable gasses. A sequence of heating and boiling operations is required to separate the natural gas' three liquid components: butane, methane, and propane. It is possible that when butane is extracted, commercial butane manufacturers may demand that their suppliers provide them with butane that is at least 97% to 99.5% pure; even then, additional purification is required.

We recommend Lotus Butane 400ml from Rocky's Cigars as a butane refill option for your lighter. Butane products made by Lotus® are triple-refined. Refilling your lighter with a premium butane is an important step in proper lighter maintenance and must not be compromised or risk malfunction and the need for repair or replacement, regardless of whether you have a tabletop or handheld single, double, triple, or quadruple flame cigar torch lighter.

Do Not Refill Until You Bleed the Tank!
There is always some air in the tank when refueling your butane lighter. When the tank has been refilled three or four times, an air bubble or void has formed. This air keeps the tank from filling up with gasoline. Turn the lighter over down and squeeze the fuel valve to release the air. Some fuel may also leak out. Valve hissing is a sign that all of the air has been expelled.

Fill the tank by turning the flame height down to its lowest (-) setting. The lighter will cool down instantly after you add butane to the tank. Before trying to ignite the lighter, warm it up in your hand or your pocket. And finally, reset the flame height and fire away.

Visit our online shop if you've chosen to switch from matches to Triple Refined Butane Fuel while lighting your premium cigars. And while you're at it, you could also get yourself some premium cigars at great prices.

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