Love Sutliff Tobacco? Here Are 6 to Try

Some pipe smokers are awfully picky about what they smoke, how they pack their bowls, how they condition their tobacco, and more. However, and those tastes vary considerably, there are some general statements around which you’ll find general consensus.

For example, Sutliff Tobacco is one of the most storied producers in the tobacco market, and with such a diverse portfolio of unique blends, it’s almost impossible not to find something that will pique your interest, especially if you appreciate a fine bowl of tobacco.

Whether you are already a Sutliff brand evangelist or have never so much as given any of their blends a puff, here are six must-try blends from their collection - which you can get right here at Rocky’s Cigars.

  1. Perique (TS20)

Perique is a type of tobacco grown in St. James Parish in Louisiana - hence this blend’s other moniker, TS20 Louisiana Perique. Perique tobaccos are well known for their very powerful, distinct flavors and equally powerful room notes.

Not for the faint pipe smoker, this perique blend is typical of the name. Ribbon cut and rick, dark brown, Sutliff’s TS20 Perique is spicy, rich, and a little bit fruity, perhaps even with a touch of earthiness. Enjoy it straight or use it with other blends, like a Virginia Gold, to mellow out its power.

  1. Frosty Mint

Admittedly, you have to really appreciate aromatic pipe tobacco to fully enjoy the savory experience of Sutliff Tobacco’s Frosty Mint blend, but if you do, this is a must-try. It’s also a banner blend for those that appreciate menthol in their tobaccos.

It’s particularly strong, and whereas pipe smokers may be familiar with the spicy bite of many blends that leaves a bit of a tingle on the tongue, this is a cooling, nearly soothing blend. Like the TS20 Perique, it can be enjoyed on its own, but since it’s very strong, it’s most often used mixed in to spice up (or cool down) other blends.

  1. Latakia (TS18)

Latakia, like Perique, is also a particularly powerful type of tobacco. For its part, Latakia is typically produced in Syria or Turkey; it is first sun-cured, then cured over wood fires. Though it is similar to Perique in terms of power, it is much sharper, earthier and spicier. Many blends of Latakia bear distinct notes of pepper.

It’s nearly universally hailed as a very powerful, earthy, spicy tobacco, so if lighter blends and aromatics don’t cut it for you, try this Latakia and savor the rich, powerful notes. That said, it can also be blended into other tobaccos to create a much more complex profile.

  1. Black Cavendish (B20)

If you’ve ever smelled a syrupy sweet room note from a pipe, you were probably either sampling the delectable vapors of cavendish tobacco or some other aromatic. Cavendish is a process of treating tobacco to sweeten the leaves via the aid of sugar and flavoring agents. Sometimes, the natural sugar content of the tobacco leaves is enough to produce its characteristic, cloying sweetness when it has been cured and pressed properly.

Sutliff’s Black Cavendish is typical of a “black cav,” and it is pleasantly honeyed on the palate and in the air, with distinct, smooth sweet savors and a pleasant, warming room note.

  1. Smooth Black & Gold Cavendish (B27)

Occasionally sweet black cavendish tobaccos are cut with golds to lighten the sweetness and provide a smokier, almost whiskey-like flavor. It also produces a pleasing visual contrast to the blend - which is no exception here.

Still welcoming, warm, and sweet, Sutliff Tobacco’s Black & Gold Cavendish is the perfect balance between the sweet and toasty elements and has been nearly universally acclaimed for its lack of tongue bite. Smooth and mellow, this is a blend of tobacco that you can turn to time and time ago for a pleasant, relaxing experience.

  1. Black Cordial (Z-50)

The Black Cordial (Z-50) blend by Sutliff Tobacco is one of their staples and a consistent crowd pleaser. Composed of several types of steam-blackened tobacco and then lightened with a touch of light Virginia tobacco, this blend, like the Black & Gold, is smooth and sweet.

With a name that sounds almost like a sweet after dinner digestive, what else could you expect? This blend is light and balanced with a complex mix of pleasant aromas and flavors, topped by sweetness.

Want to learn more about these Sutliff Tobacco blends, or about the other pipe tobaccos that we offer here at Rocky’s Cigars? Pick our customer service representative’s minds and see what they can offer you - we’d be glad to help, especially if you’re going to be invested in bulk tobacco or tobacco products.

You can reach us by phone at 888-216-5834. Give us a call and we’ll lend you our takes on our personal favorites and even offer recommendations. Better yet, stop by our shop anytime you’re in our area in Syracuse, and in the meantime, follow us on Instagram and Facebook so you can keep up with specials and news.

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