The Best Butane Fuel for Cigar Lighters: Quality, Filling Tips and More

If you are a Brother of the Leaf (BOTL), you know just how important both your favorite products and your process of smoking cigars can be. You know your favorite blend, shape, brand, taste, texture, aroma, and even appearance. Every one of these characteristics (and others) plays a vital role in every one of your cigar experiences.

You also know that, while the cigar you are smoking, its components, structure, and even background are vital, so are all of the other accessories that go along with it. Cutters and lighters, namely, are two of the most important of these accessories. Can you imagine trying to smoke a stogie without first cutting the cap and/or toasting the foot?

That is why you should take your accessories as seriously as your cigars. Cutters should be at the forefront of your mind, as you want a clean slice every time to enjoy the most out of every puff. But, you should also carefully consider your lighter and the fuel within it.

In order to get the most flavor and enjoyment out of every cigar, you require the best butane fuel for cigar lighters. When your lighter runs out of fuel, you need to be sure you are refilling it with the best so you are not only keeping yourself safe but also getting the most out of your stogies.

So what exactly is the best butane fuel for cigar lighters and how do you refill your lighter with it appropriately? Let’s dive right in.

Butane Fuel: Different Grades
First of all, you should know to not simply purchase and use any butane fuel that you find in a convenience store. These are simply not sufficient for cigar smokers, as these are usually less refined. Less refined means more impurities, which can be detrimental because it can greatly increase the chances of clogging the jets in your lighter.

That is why you should always opt for refined. Refined is easily the best butane fuel for cigar lighters because it greatly diminished potential clogging of the jets and corroding any other parts inside the lighter.

At Least 5 Times Refined
Now that you know the importance of refined butane fuel, you now need to pay close attention to how many times the fuel has been refined. For best results, opt for a fuel that has a higher number of refinements. Five times or above is what you should be looking for, since the more times it’s been refined, the fewer impurities there are present.

Colibri Premium Butane Fuel Refill
When you are looking for that optimal fuel for your cigar lighter, then you need to purchase products from the top brands on the market today. This will ensure your lighter is safe from harm, as is every puff you take from your cigar along with its taste.

There are plenty of name brands and products that stand out amongst the masses when searching for the best butane fuel for cigar lighters, but there is truly only one king that reigns over them all: Colibri Premium Butane Fuel.

Colibri Premium is the best butane fuel, especially for cigar lighters, because it is the cleanest and purest butane on the market, as it is 99.9994% pure. This option will not impede the enticing flavor of your cigars, nor will it clog or bring any harm to your lighter. It also greatly reduces misfire.

Remember how you should look for something that is at least five times refined? Colibri Premium is ultra-refined, as it’s been refined 11 times for optimal cleanliness and purity. Truly enjoy every puff with this butane fuel.

How to Refill Your Lighter with Butane Fuel

Now that you know what the best of all the butane fuels are for your cigar lighter, you should also be aware of how to properly fill it. If you are a cigar enthusiast, you may already know how to do so, but it’s still good practice to review it.

Bleed the Tank Before Refilling
Before you refill your lighter with Colibri Premium, you need to bleed the tank first. Every lighter’s fuel tank collects air after each refill, which, after just three or four refills, can lead to an air pocket. This air pocket can prevent the fuel from filling the tank appropriately.

Flip your lighter upside down and, with a small screwdriver or a mini tool, compress the fuel valve and release the trapped air. When it is no longer hissing, all the air has been released.

Refill the Tank
Hold your lighter upside down and insert the butane tank tip into the fuel valve. Press down for around five seconds. Wait three to four minutes before you use your lighter (you need to allow the extra butane to evaporate and the butane inside the lighter to reach room temperature). Set it to your desired flame height and “fire” away!

For all of your cigar needs, including purchasing the best butane fuel for cigar lighters, you can entrust us at Rocky’s Cigars. Be sure to browse all of our cigar products and accessories to find the best pieces for you. Give us a call at (888) 216-5834 so we can answer any questions you may have!

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