Thinking of Buying Discount Cigars Online? Here’s Why You Should

Don’t be turned off by the thought of buying discount cigars online. A lot of shoppers - and not just connoisseurs of tobacco, are cautious about buying anywhere the term discount is thrown around.  As you’re about to find out, there are some unique situations in which discount does not equate to cheap, but there are even more and better reasons to pick up your favorite cigars from us here at Rocky’s Cigars.

Discount Does Not Equal Cheap!

The biggest concern that you might have as a shopper, and many do, is that the term discount is associated with all of the negative associations that go along with “cheap.” In other words, where some see the word discount as a means to save some money, others see it as a mark against quality.

This is true, some of the time. If the cost is saved at the expense of quality, then the discount deserves those negative connotations. However, when you are considering a selection of cigar brands that you have enjoyed and loved for years, there’s less need to be concerned about quality.

Some shoppers are also leery about shopping for cigars online because they are not trustful in the level of care that online cigar shops pay to their tobacco.

Here at Rocky’s Cigars, we bring over 50 years of experience to the table and know about the care and aging of quality tobacco. When you come to us to buy cigars online, rest assured that they will represent the quality you have come to expect from your favorite cigar brands.

Enjoy a Great Selection

Do you enjoy the slight earthy sweetness of a Maduro? Perhaps your tastes bring you into more frequent touch with the milder, creamier notes of a cigar sporting a Connecticut shade wrapper. Whether you enjoy an Arturo Fuente or a Montecristo, you’ll find many favorites from them and much more in between right here in our online shop.

Our shoppers enjoy access to an impressively wide selection of premium cigars and tobacco products here in our online store. It would be impossible to categorize every style and brand that we offer in this article, but rest assured that many crown favorites, including Padron, Romeo Y Julieta, Rocky Patel, Partagas, Macanudo, Flor de Oliva, and many others are available right here in our online store.

As you can see, buying discount cigars online doesn’t require you to take a hit on quality or choice. There’s a great cross-section of the top cigars in our collection.

Save Some Money

Naturally, one of the greatest perks you will get from an online store selling cigars at discount rates is the fact that you can save money doing so. The more money you can save on your favorite cigars, the more new favorites you’ll have money to discover. Better cigar prices come down to more money in your pocket - it’s as simple as that.

At the same time, you’ll be able to put some money back in your pocket; and everyone knows that enjoying a cigar properly requires you to be well prepared with your preferred cigar accessories.

Pick up Some Accessories

You can’t enjoy a cigar at all without a lighter or matches, but not all lighters are created equal. Some modern cigar lighters are windproof, burn with a hotter flame, and can help you get a quick and even burn in any conditions, every time.

That’s just one accessory, though - you’ll also need cutters or punches, ashtrays, and humidification accessories as well. Whatever you’re looking for, find the right accessories here alongside your favorite cigar deals.

New Releases and Online Specials

Shopping online here at Rocky’s Cigars will also put you right in front of new releases and online specials, which are the best ways to get a real deal on your favorites.

Make sure you stop back here from time to time so you don’t miss out on any specials. You can also sign up for our email list; we send out a few emails per month, all containing special deals. You can also sign up for Rocky’s Insider’s Club - contact us for more details on the latter.

While you’re here, you won’t want to miss out on a chance to visit our Clearance Room where you’re likely to stumble upon a surprise and or a rare deal.

Get in Touch with Us

These are some of the best reasons we can offer for buying discount cigars online from us, but if you have any questions, or you’re looking for a specific cigar or recommendation, take advantage of our customer service.

We’ll help you find the cigar you’re after, and if you’re buying for a friend and want some pointers on different cigars, we’d be more than happy to help with that as well. You won’t know if you never ask, so get in touch with us today at 888-216-5834.

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