Where to Buy Bulk Tobacco and How to Enjoy It

Let’s be honest: buying tobacco in bulk, especially when you buy online, comes with a lot of benefits and perks. However, you don’t just want to buy from any place without vetting it first. If you’re wondering where to buy bulk tobacco, you’re in the right place; here’s why.

Why Rocky’s Cigars?

So you’re looking for a place where you can buy bulk tobacco and you’ve landed on a few key players. Naturally, Rocky’s Cigars is one of them. Here’s what we offer that some competitors simply don’t.

  • Selection: Whether you’re looking for a Montecristo or a Romeo Y Julieta, we’re stacked with the classics. We have a collection of cigar brands that is downright humbling. Think of a name; it’s probably in our collection. Just take a look through for yourself and you’ll see just how big it is. We take pride in appealing to a wide range of tastes!
  • Experience: Rocky’s Cigars has been in business since 1985 and we’ve been operating online for over 20 years, since 1999! With so many years in the business of dealing in fine tobacco, you learn a thing or two. We know how to select only the finest products, how to care for and age them, and how to pass that knowledge along to our customers!
  • Service: We’re proud of the fact that we offer down to earth, old-world service. Despite the fact that we carry a huge collection of tobaccos and we’re one of the key players in the industry, we’d like to maintain a personal atmosphere of customer service. Any time you have a question or feel like you need some additional insight, just call us up!
  • Prices: Finally, we make it a habit to offer our customers low prices on just about everything. That’s one of the ways we keep them coming back for more! Besides, why pay more when you can get the same great smoking experience for less!

Benefits of Bulk Buying

Now that you know where to find your preferred tobacco, here are some of the key benefits that you’ll enjoy from doing so.

  • Save money: Obviously, one of the prime reasons for buying tobacco in bulk is that you can save money on the deal. Just like in most industries, buying in bulk can get you a huge discount. Get a huge discount on what you love and enjoy more of it!
  • Tobacco in large quantities tends to stay fresher longer: Another lesser-touted benefit of buying tobacco and tobacco products in bulk is that, by virtue of the fact that the tobacco is stored in bulk, it stays hydrated and fresher longer.

  • Always keep some secrets in reserve: Another big bonus to buying tobacco in bulk is that you’ll have more of it on hand. If you’re one of those people who like to keep a well-stocked humidor, buying in bulk is the way to do it. Buying individually just takes too much time and is too expensive.

Benefits of Buying Online

It just keeps getting better when you shop with us here at Rocky’s Cigars. It turns out that buying tobacco in bulk isn’t the only way to strike a great deal. When you think of where to buy bulk tobacco, if you can find an online supplier, in many ways that’s even better!

  • You don’t need to go anywhere: First off, when you shop online, you don’t need to go anywhere, which saves you money and time. Admittedly, there is something to be said for the value of interacting with the tobacco firsthand before you buy it, but if you are already well acquainted with the tobacco you’re going to buy in bulk (and you should be before you buy in bulk) then the preliminary process can be overstepped. You already know what you’re getting, so get the best deal on it.
  • You have the largest market at your fingertips: Additionally, when you shop for tobacco online, you’re shopping through the largest marketplace in the world. With so many options at your disposal, you can find more of what you love more easily, along with surprises you never knew existed.
  • You can conveniently shop prices and reviews with the click of a button: Another great thing about shopping online is that, just like how you can shop between different offerings with a few keystrokes, you can also look up some reviews, ratings, and prices in no time at all. That can help you get to the bottom of a purchase decision faster than you’d be able to do otherwise.

Caring for Tobacco

So you’ve found where to buy bulk tobacco and you’re going to get a real deal in the process. Now you just need to know how to care for it all so you can enjoy it for months to come.

  • Keep it together, but be careful about what you store together: One of the quick ways to ensure that tobacco stays fresh and ages well is to keep it together. This will prevent too much wholesale loss of moisture and flavor. Just be careful what tobaccos you store next to each other in your humidor, as they will impact each other’s flavors.
  • Protect it from the light: Tobacco should be protected from overexposure to light, which can break it down and weaken its flavors. That’s why most humidors keep tobacco completely in the dark.
  • Keep it hydrated: Overall, the most important thing you need to account for is hydration. This is the number one reason tobacco ages poorly. When your tobacco dries out, it loses flavor, gets brittle, and will not provide an enjoyable, cool, enjoyable smoke, whether as a cigar or in a pipe. Tobacco should be kept in a moisture environment and maintained at about 70% humidity for optimum quality. Also, remember, if your tobacco dries out even once, you can partially restore it, but you can never bring it back to its pristine state.

How to Enjoy It

Now that you’re on the way to more savings with the purchase of bulk tobacco, here’s what you need to enjoy it!

  • Enjoying a pipe: A bowl of delicious pipe tobacco is one of the finest, simplest pleasures in life. Whether your tastes lead you toward a syrupy-sweet cavendish or a hearty, peppery Perique tobacco, unwinding with a pipe is an experience that has no rival.

In the interest of brevity, rather than diving into how to pack and light a bowl here in this article, we’re going to direct you to one of our recent blog posts on how to smoke a pipe. Check it out; it has everything you need to know, and if you have questions, just call us!

  • Enjoying a cigar: Here’s how you can get the most out of the experience of smoking a fine cigar. Assuming you’ve already selected the one you want, to enjoy, we’ll just get right into preparation and smoking and bypass visual inspection and evaluation.
  • Preparation: In its unadulterated form, a cigar is not ready to smoke. You could light the foot of it, but you wouldn’t be able to draw. Of course, this is probably not news to you. You need to cut some tobacco off the cap or remove a small plug from it before you can draw!

If you’re using a cigar knife or a cigar cutter, remove a small piece of tobacco from the cap of the cigar. Take care not to remove too much; you only need to remove a tiny amount so that you can draw through the binder and filler. Generally speaking, the “hole” you create shouldn’t be more than a quarter-inch wide. You can get away with less most of the time, though.

If you’re using a cigar plug cutter, twist it into the end of the cap and push it all the way in. Rotate it slowly as you draw it out and you’ll come out with a plug of tobacco. Plug cutters prevent tearing the wrapper and almost always give you an excellent draw.

Your cigar is not effectively ready to accept a light, but before you do, now’s the time to get familiar with and appreciate the cold draw and pre-light notes. Take some time to savor the essence of the tobacco before you light it.

  • Lighting: Now you’re ready to get onto lighting the cigar. For this, you can use a table lighter, a match, a strip of cedar, or any of a number of handheld lighters.

Many smokers prefer to use a table lighter to ignite a thin strip of cedar (which likely came with the cigars; some cigars are also wrapped with them). If you’re using cedar, light the strip and allow the flame to grow; then apply the yellow flame to the foot of the cigar, drawing the flame into the cigar. Rotate your cigar as you do this to ensure an even light. Within a few draws, you should have a strong, even light.

If you’re using a match, the process is the same with one exception, although it might take a few matches to get the cigar evenly light. Strike a match and allow all of the sulfur to burn off entirely before applying the flame to the foot of the cigar.

If you’re using a lighter, the process may vary slightly. With a soft flame lighter, the process is identical to using a match or a strip of cedar. However, if you’re using a torch lighter, try not to be too aggressive. Don’t bathe the entire foot of the cigar in the flame; apply only the tip of the flame to the cigar and draw as you do so, otherwise, you will risk scorching the wrapper.

  • Smoking: Once you’ve developed an even light, you can get onto savoring the flavors and room, not of the cigar. Pay attention to the subtle notes that you can taste in your nose and detect at the back of your throat and in your nose and sinuses. Some smokers even retrohale, which is the process of forcing smoke back through your mouth and out your nose, whereby different flavors can often be detected.

As you enjoy the cigar, keep the following in mind. Experienced smokers will often tell you that you should not draw more than once per minute, and this is not just superstition. There is a good reason for it.

If you smoke too aggressively, you will cause the tobacco to burn too hot and you will also cause a premature accumulation of tar near the cap of the cigar, which can leave a bitter, acrid taste in your mouth. Cigar smoking, like all fine enjoyments in life, should be savored, not rushed. Take a puff per minute, if not less.

  • Ashing: As you smoke, you will start to develop a foot of ash at the end of the cigar, but don’t be too quick to knock it off. Tight, white ash signifies an even smoke and excellent construction, and this same ash will help to insulate the ember on the end of your cigar, keeping it from burning too quickly or too hotly. Well-formed ash will provide the coolest smoke and the most enjoyable experience. Only knock the ash off when it becomes too large to maintain and threatens to fall off on its own.

You’ve Found Where to Buy Bulk Tobacco, Call Us if You Need Help!

Now that you’ve stumbled upon the last provider of bulk tobacco that you’re ever going to need, you can get to stocking your humidor up with your favorite cigars, cigar samplers, and bundles and blends. We hope you learned a valuable thing or two from this article, but if you still have questions, please give us a call and we’d be more than happy to help you out.

Whether you’re looking for a recommendation for a new blend or a new cigar or you have questions about what types of lighters you should use (or not use) our phone lines always open and we’re never more than a call away! Don’t be a stranger; we’re passionate about fine tobacco and we’re ready to help - so call us at 888-216-5834.

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