Why Do People Purchase a High-Quality Butane Cigar Lighter for Smoking?

The more involved you become in the cigar and tobacco community, the more you will begin to pick up on certain things. One common factor we see in the community is the shared appreciation for butane lighters. You may have noticed this and wondered why people are so willing and eager to invest in a premium butane cigar lighter for smoking. We have a few ideas of what the most common reasons are.

Quick & Convenient
In general, butane lighters are incredibly handy and helpful to have as a smoker. They are small and compact so you can easily slip one into your pocket, drawer, or cigar case. They are also sturdy and long-lasting unlike a box of matches which is much more vulnerable. You have to be more careful with wood matches in case they get wet or break. Butane lighters simply pop open and shut when you need them, so you do not even need to use both hands as you would with matches. You can use your butane cigar lighter quickly and easily any time you want to smoke and slip it back into your pocket in a matter of seconds, without needing a nearby bin to drop a used match. They are also known to burn incredibly well, even with a cigar that is fresh and still slightly damp. The fact that butane lighters are refillable is another advantage because it means that you can continue to use your favorite lighter for years without having to toss it away. All you have to do is purchase the butane refill and keep it going. This type of cigar lighter is just easy to use, convenient, highly portable, and perfect for use over a long time.

Burns “Clean”
One of the biggest reasons we have seen people start using butane lighters is because of the "clean" burn it provides. We often see people visiting Rocky's Cigars, looking for a lighter that will actively improve their smoking experience and not just assist in it as an accessory. This is because common lighters are often found to leave behind a residual aroma and taste when used to light a cigar. It can greatly impact the way that you enjoy the flavors of the cigar, making it less than ideal. Cigar smoking is so heavily dependent on the tastes and aroma that this can make a significant difference. Cigar aficionados want to be able to pick up on all the notes and complexities of the cigars. They do not want the nasty aftertaste of lighter fluid masking that. Butane burns without leaving behind a distinct taste or scent, so you can enjoy your cigars in peace.

Special Token
Part of the appeal of having a high-quality butane cigar lighter with you or in your stash of cigars, is the charm of owning it. Smoking cigars is meant to be an experience. You do it because you enjoy it, not because you somehow have to do it. When we smoke cigars, it is because we want to relax, let loose, and enjoy our time with friends or even alone. That is to say, the fun of smoking cigars is built into the experience of it being a luxury. Try to imagine a point in your life when you were able to sit back and smoke one of your favorite premium cigars without disruption. It was an experience that you fully appreciated and thus, you associate every aspect of this calming pastime with positive feelings and an elevated mood. Each item conjures up pleasant thoughts of the activity you love, and you want to savor that experience.

Because of this exact sentiment, we find people will often treat their cigar collections and accessories well and make each one as perfect as possible. They want everything to be just right for this special interest of theirs to make the most out of it. They select the perfect humidor, their preferred type of cigar cutter, a comfortable and stylish cigar case, and of course a premium butane cigar lighter. The lighter is such an essential tool in smoking, that it will stay right by your side for every smoking session. It becomes a comfortable token that you keep on you and rely on whenever you want to enjoy your cigars. People are willing to invest in a good butane lighter because they want something so essential to be "just right" for their tastes. These lighters can be found in a variety of styles, colors, design details, and materials, allowing you to choose the perfect style that you want to hold on to for years.

We generally recommend people who smoke often invest in a premium butane cigar lighter like the ones we offer at Rocky’s Cigars, but it is all up to you. Feel free to check out some of our other blogs related to butane fluid and lighters, like this one to see if this is the right choice for you.

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