Why You Need to Use Butane Lighter Fuel If You Aren’t Yet

Let’s just cut to the chase. You need to use butane lighter fuel to light your cigars if you aren’t yet, even if you only keep it around as a backup.

We’re not trying to call you away from the classic match and cedar spill. Far from it - we recognize the ceremony and the quality of the experience. We just know what a difference a quality lighter can make when you’re under the gun for time or for good light.

So with no further ado, here are some of the top questions about butane lighter fuel, answered, as well as why you should keep one in your pocket for those times that you’re really going to need it.

What Gases Go Into Butane Lighter Fuel?
Butane is a colorless, odorless gas that is often used as a lighter fuel because it is clean and pure. Butane is considered a liquefied petroleum gas (an LP), and its chemical composition is C4H10.

Butane is captured from natural gas, from which it must be separated and refined prior to sale. When it combusts in the presence of adequate atmospheric oxygen, butane reduces to carbon dioxide and water vapor.

Is Highly Refined (Like Triple Refined Butane Lighter Fuel) Better?
Before we tell you of all the wondrous reasons that you need to make the switch to a butane lighter or keep a spare on hand, let us issue this caveat - use only the most highly refined butane you can find. Triple refined butane (or better) is the way to go.

This is not because “dirty” butane will sour the flavor of your cigars. It is because poorly refined butane can clog the jets of your torch lighters, rendering them inoperable. Butane is cheap, lighters are not - buy the purest butane you can to preserve the longevity of your lighters.

The Advantages of Butane Fuel
These are some of the top reasons that some cigar smokers reach for a butane lighter instead of a match or a Zippo when they’re ready to enjoy their favorite tobacco blend.

1.Butane lighter fuel imparts no flavor
This is probably the most important reason of all that butane lighter fuel is popular for lighting cigars. It imparts absolutely no flavor whatsoever. Not only is butane tasteless, but so are carbon dioxide and the water vapor produced during combustion. As long as you don’t scorch the foot of your cigar while toasting, if you light with a butane lighter, all you’ll taste is the tobacco of your cigar, as it was meant to be sampled.

This stands in contrast to lighters that use liquid fuel like naphtha, and yes, in contrast to matches and cedar spills. Liquid lighter fluid does not burn cleanly and imparts a harsh, chemical note to tobacco. As for matches and cedar spills, even these will flavor cigars slightly, with a bit of a warm, spicy note.

Some smokers actually enjoy that, which is fine - but if you are a purist (underscored) opt for a lighter that takes butane lighter fuel.

2.A butane lighter can enable a more even light
Butane lighters themselves are reliable and consistent, which cannot be said for matches and cedar spills. It takes a bit of finesse to light a cigar properly no matter how you go about it, but an uncommon measure with a match and spill.

With a butane lighter, you won’t be “timed” against the life of the flame, so you can take your time toasting the foot of the cigar and establishing an even light.

3.There are windproof, directional lighters
Even if you prefer to light your cigar the old-fashioned way, there’s no arguing with the convenience of windproof lighters. Now, granted, many butane lighters are not windproof - but torch lighters are, and you guessed it, they take butane lighter fuel.

Not only are torch lighters enormously convenient for lighting cigars in the wind, but they are also effective at touching up spots on the cigar that are canoeing or otherwise not burning evenly, even after you lit the cigar. Since they have a directional flame that can be “pointed,” it’s easy to use them for touching up irregularities.

4.Butane lighter fuel is affordable

Another thing to love about butane lighter fuel is the affordability. Matches are cheap too, and so is naphtha, but cedar spills are not so much, not to mention the fact that they can be hard to find anyway. A butane refill will cost you a few dollars than most, and you won’t have to look too hard to find one. Anywhere that sells candle lighters, home improvement goods or even personal care items is likely to have it - convenience stores and grocery stores usually do.

5.Butane lighter fluid is reliable
Finally, butane lighter fluid is consistent and reliable. Lighters will light through thousands if not tens of thousands of cycles and enable an even light every time. Soft flame butane lighters that take a flint will last even longer, effectively forever.

Ready to Make the Switch?
Ready to switch over to butane lighter fuel or just to add that option to your traditional repertoire? Pick up a lighter from our online store, stock up on some triple refined butane (this stuff doesn’t go bad), or call us at 888-216-5834.

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