Why You Should Try Brioso Cigars

Are you looking for cigars to smoke for a celebration or just for your daily stogie? Or are you looking for a cigar that is perfect for all events, occasions, and time of the day? We know you only want the best of the best and we have found it for you: Brioso cigars. There is nothing worse than smoking a cigar only to find that it is of poor quality or has poor rolling technique, as this can lead to a bad taste and smoking experience. However, when you are smoking Brioso cigars, you most certainly won’t have a poor experience as these are high-quality in every way a cigar smoker could ever want or imagine.

One common issue with purchasing high-quality cigars is that they are so often highly priced, which can be deterring and lead some people to buying the cheaper and poorer quality cigars. That is not acceptable any longer. We aim to fix this problem at Rocky’s Cigars by offering high-quality cigars and cigar accessories for affordable prices so you can focus more on the experience of smoking your cigars than on the experience of financing them. One high-quality cigar in particular that is good to smoke and purchase is Brioso.

What exactly is it, though, that makes Brioso cigars stand out amongst all the other cigar brands on the market today?

A Product of General Cigar Company

One of the biggest brand names in the handmade cigar industry is General Cigar Company. They are responsible for some of our favorite cigars, such as CAO, Macanudo, and Cohiba. They also are responsible for creating non-Cuban versions of popular Cuban brands, like La Gloria Cubana, Partagas, and others. If you know cigars, then you know General.

General is a cigar aficionado responsible for making the good stuff-- and Brioso is just one of its many “good stuff” options. Because of this, Brioso is held to the same standards as other high-quality cigars. Therefore, it’s evident that every individual cigar is well-prepared and well-made for every smoker.

Blended Filler and Two Wrappers

One of the best parts of these particular cigars is the filler. It is a delicious and satisfying mix of Nicaraguan, Mexican, Honduran, and Dominican tobaccos. This combination is every cigar smoker’s dream, as it combines some of the most sought after tobacco flavors all in one place.

The filler is definitely an admirable part of these exquisite cigars, but one of its main impressive features is its wrappers. It comes with two possible wrapper types: natural and maduro. Each of these brings different experiences to every smoke.

The natural’s wrapper is Honduran, which has a smooth to medium-bodied flavor profile and is a bit mellower than the maduro. It offers its smokers notes of slight spice and cedar. The maduro, on the other hand, has a dark and oily wrapper that is also medium-bodied, but has more of a full flavor profile with notes of cocoa and brown sugar.

Both the natural and maduro come in two different sizes: giante and toro. The gigante is 6.0 inches by 60 gauge, while the toro is 6.0 inches by 50 gauge. No matter what your preference is in a cigar, Brioso very likely has something to satisfy your craving and taste.

Affordable Price

We boast our affordable prices on any and all cigars in our online catalog, but we especially are proud of our pricing of Briosos. Briosos are already at a great price for a high-quality cigar, typically starting at the price of $65 or so for a bundle of 20. However, we took it a step further and made our bundles even cheaper than is the norm for these cigars. A bundle of the Brioso Natural Toros or of the Brioso Maduro Toros is $56.99, while a bundle of the Brioso Natural Gigantes or the Brioso Maduro Gigantes is $58.99. Who says only a high price reflects high quality?

An Even Burn and Subtle Flavor

All cigar smokers know that when a cigar burns slowly and evenly, that’s a telltale sign of good quality. These cigars burn slowly, but also ensure an even burn so you aren’t left with a poor or aggravating smoking experience.

On top of that huge advantage, these cigars also offer a subtle flavor. Some cigars come with specific flavors, but not Brioso. They are unflavored, but offer hints of natural flavors, such as coffee, brown sugar, and other tantalizing flavors. All of this means that these are best smoked anytime, anywhere by anybody.

It can be difficult to find a cigar that has the perfect synergy of flavors, quality, and price, but not anymore with Brioso cigars. Which one of these fine and delicious cigars will you choose to satisfy your cigar craving?

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