Choose The Right Blends of Sutliff Tobacco for an Exceptional Smoking Experience

Sutliff Tobacco

Everyone has their own way to unwind. Whether it's a nightcap of wine before bed or a glass full of iced tea after a long day at work. Even if you're looking for a means to escape the daily grind, and you enjoy great tasting tobacco, there's a solution out there for you.

Those who like smoking excellent tobacco products may find pipe smoking to be a rewarding pastime. Tobacco products exist in a variety of different forms and many people enjoy cigars because they are convenient, always ready to smoke, and delicious. Pipe smoking is the oldest way to enjoy tobacco and it is an amazing pastime. Both the act of smoking and the process of using and maintaining a pipe can be very enjoyable.

Sutliff Tobacco

As the oldest tobacco manufacturer in the United States, Sutliff has a legacy that very few pipe tobacco producers may claim. Many of the mixes in Sutliff's range are audience favorites, but a few stand head and shoulders above the competition. With their well-known mixes, strict quality control, and storied pasts, these tobaccos have earned their place among the most popular in the US and maybe the world.

As a result of this, the Sutliff Tobacco Company has a wide range of well-known brands under its belt. For years, the Mac Baren Tobacco brands have garnered praise from tobacco connoisseurs due to the depth of taste they deliver. There are a variety of fragrant and robust Mac Baren pipe tobacco mixes to choose from, including the Vanilla Cream and Latakia Flake.

If you've never smoked a pipe before or just want to test if you like it, a nice Sutliff Tobacco from our selection here at Rocky’s Cigars will not disappoint, especially if it is your first time. As a result of over 170 years of skill in maturing, chopping, and mixing tobacco, it will only be a matter of time until you discover your new favorite blend.

Choosing the Right Tobacco

Tobacco isn't created equal. Many various types of tobacco may be blended to create the final product, just like wine is made from a wide variety of grapes. An introduction to the most often used tobaccos in the creation of pipe smoking concoctions may be found below.


In the realm of pipe smoking, Virginia leaf, commonly known as brilliant or Brightleaf, is highly sought-after gourmet tobacco.  It has been cooked to high temperatures in a furnace-heated flue-curing barn for a week to 10 days to remove moisture. The name "Virginia" is given to flue-cured tobacco for special purposes, although the tobacco is known as Virginia regardless of where it is grown. If you're looking for a specific type of Virginia, you don't need to know where it's grown, but you do need to know how it's harvested when it's harvested, and how it's cured.


St. James Parish, Louisiana is the only place where perique is produced. Perique begins as air-cured tobacco, but then undergoes a special processing procedure lasting between 12 and 18 months. The anaerobic fermentation process begins with the packing of air-cured leaves into massive oak whiskey barrels. Unpacking and airing tobacco at least three times during fermentation ensures that each leaf is separated and ready to be put back into the pouch. As a result of this procedure, a leaf's taste is substantially enhanced. For the most part, perique is not smoked alone. If you include Perique in a mix, you'll notice that this condiment leaf has an earthy, fermented-plum, olive-and-pine flavor that's often only found in little amounts. Blends of Perique and Virginia tobacco are particularly popular at the moment.


Most pipe users think of burley as being sweetened by the blender because of its mild flavor and nutty, chocolatey, somewhat bitter taste when it is unflavored. Burley is by far the most commonly used leaf in pipe tobacco mixes. When it comes to pipe tobacco, many users associate the word "burley" with the substance. One of the most important things to know about burley is that it has nearly no natural sugars. Sugar-free chemical composition is highly sought after by blenders since it provides a blank canvas for the tobacconist's creativity. Blenders can accurately manage sweetness levels since only sugars that have been purposely added are present.


Unlike other leaf types, Cavendish is not one of them. A variety of tobaccos can be used to make it. The leaf type of certain Cavendish has been changed to such an extent that it is virtually hard to distinguish it from another variety of Cavendish. Cavendish is available in a wide variety of forms and tastes, making it a versatile ingredient. When included in a blend, Cavendish may assist maintain burn characteristics and regulating a product's taste profile, both of which are important in the business.

Smoke Slowly and Cautiously

Moderation is the key to everything in life and people who smoke a lot of tobacco may not be getting the point of why they do it in the first place. Tobacco products are crafted to be yearned for and relished in the same way that an aged brandy or gourmet cheese can be.

Slow down while you savor the aromas of the Sutliff tobacco, and avoid smoking too quickly. It will lead to an overheating of the pipe if you do so. If you're holding the bowl, you'll be burned, but much worse, you'll ruin the delicate nuances of the tobacco. If you smoke too quickly, the Sutliff pipe tobacco will burn excessively hot and taste unpleasant. As with smoking a cigar, it's best to limit your intake to one puff every few minutes at most. It will get extremely hot if you do so, so be careful.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us - we have a wide variety of pipe tobaccos to choose from! If you need to reach us at any time, our number is 888-216-5834.

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