Cool Cigar Accessories Every Smoker Should Have

cool cigar accessories

Cigar accessories are necessary regardless of your level of skill and may make a huge difference in the experience of smoking your cigars. If you are looking for some great new accessories for your next smoking sesion, we have plenty of options in stock.

You may get the most enjoyment out of the smoke's scent, tastes, and different tones by using a few specific cigar accessories. For the best preparation of the cigar and to guarantee that you get the most out of your smoke, you will need some cool cigar accessories in your arsenal.

Part of really enjoying a good cigar is the ritual of preparing and smoking your cigar. The best way to prepare a cigar and get the most enjoyment out of your smoke is to have a slew of cool cigar accessories and supplies on hand to make the process easy and enjoyable.

If you're a cigar smoker, check out our list of cool cigar accessories that will take your smoking experience to the next level.

Travel Cases
The easiest way to keep your cigars fresh is to put them in a humidor, even if you intend to smoke them soon. However, a good cigar travel case is essential if you're going to smoke cigars on the go.

It is the job of humidors to keep cigars from drying out, which can greatly extend their lifespan, depending on the humidor quality. This means humidors are ideal for long term storage, but if your taking a cigar out of your humidor, its important to keep it fresh. When it comes to carrying a cigar while traveling, you want a case that is durable enough to handle your preferred cigar size and shape, while still having a bit of extra space for a few of your favorite accessories.

Our Sotelo cigar cases have the extra benefit of a Humi Fresh Zipper package, Humi Fresh Lining, and a Humi Smart flow system, all of which help to keep your smokes fresh and secure.

There are a variety of cigar cutters on the market, but we like Les Fines Lame Petit knives owing to their quality, durability, and style. When you want to use it as a knife or a cigar cutter, all you have to do is press down on a lever on the blade's right end. A very little footprint is left behind when the blade is completely extended, as the lever moves into the base from the inside out. When a sharp blade and a new cap opening design come together, the result is a cigar that is cut cleanly and with minimal impact to the outer wrapper.

In addition to the brand, a smoker has to decide on the style of cutter they want. A punch cutter is favored by certain traditionalists, while others like to use a guillotine or even a pair of special cigar cutters or a knife.

Cigar smokers need lighters to obtain a decent light on their cigars, especially when it is too

cool cigar accessories

windy for matches. When you're on the road and need a compact, portable lighter, disposables can do the trick but they are not always the top pick for your cigars. Smoking a cigar is a special treat, and low quality lighters can add undesired flavors to your cigar.

A soft-flamed lighter may be used to light a cigar, but it is not suggested if you want the best possible light. The majority of cigar smokers choose to use a re-fillable cigar lighter like Rocky Patel's Burn Lighter.

The metal pattern of Rocky's Burn Lighter is stunning and beautifully fashioned into the classic style metal body. Once the ignition button is pressed, you'll find a pair of red hot jets ready to light up your favorite cigars.

Refilling these lights is simple and the torch style flame ensures an extremely clean light, especially when the lighter has been filled with refined butane.

Cigar Stand
In terms of fascinating cigar accessories and gadgets, cigar stands are often overlooked. If you smoke in your own clean ashtray, that's perfectly OK. A cigar stand may still be necessary, though when you are sharing it with someone who isn't too concerned about the cleanliness of their ashtray.

You can't go wrong with a cigar stand like the ones from Les Fines Lame, which we also have here at Rocky's Cigar. Choose a stylish cigar stand for your smoking experience now and enhance your enjoyment of fine cigars.

On our website, you'll find a wide variety of cool cigar accessories, including those we've mentioned in this article and many more. Cigar smokers can rely on us for all the basics. All of your cigar and cigar accessory queries may be answered by contacting us via our website or by calling 1-888-216-5834.

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