Everything You Need to Know About Quorum Cigars

Quorum Cigars

The literal meaning of the word Quorum is “a minimum quantity of official attendance that must be present in order to validate that meeting’s proceedings.”

Taken this way, there is not much we can glean from the naming convention that has been applied to Quorum Cigars.

But if we get creative, instead taking Quorum to mean “the essentials, the basics, the fundaments” or “those components which are necessary to justify and establish the basis of a thing,” then we may be getting closer to the essence of Quorum Cigars.

These are top-selling cigar bundles and have been highly rated and reviewed, and not only by word of mouth. Smoke Magazine once awarded the Quorum Maduro a 92 rating.

Let’s see what the fuss is about.

Who Makes Quorum Cigars?

The number-one selling imported cigar bundle in the world, Quorum Cigars are a product of J.C. Newman Cigar Company and are handmade in Nicaragua.

Quorum Cigars are smooth, light to medium-bodied cigars that are predominantly made with Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos, with some Connecticut Broadleaf in the mix. There are three different lines of Quorum cigars, each with a different wrapper that affords a unique experience.

There is the Quorum Classic, with an Ecuadorian Sun Grown Wrapper, the Quorum Shade, with a shade-grown Ecuadorian Connecticut Leaf Wrapper, and the Quorum Maduro, the hallmark of which is a Sumatra Sungrown Wrapper.

In addition to being handcrafted from select tobaccos, Quorums are beloved for their attractive price point. Mellow, smooth, well-balanced, yet subtly rich, these cigars are popular the world over for the quality of the smoking experience they provide and the price point at which they provide it.

Are Quorum Cigars Good?

Yes, according to some of the most discerning critics in the world of fine tobacco, these are some of the best cigars in the world, especially since they come in at such affordable prices.

Their attractive price points are further bolstered by the fact that these cigars are sold in bundles, which makes them even more affordable.

For anyone that appreciates mild to medium-bodied cigars that are still complex, well-balanced, and rich in flavor, these are excellent cigars, especially considering the price.

Low in cost but high in value, Quorum’s distinguished blends are well regarded. More than one critic has observed that Quorum offers quality that can only be found in cigars that are (generally) several times the price.

Quorum Classic Cigars

The Quorum Classic, available in a wide range of vitolas, is made with Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos and finished with an Ecuadorian Sungrown Wrapper.

The cigar is well-packed and clean, though the wrappers of some individual cigars may display a few veins. The construction of these cigars is even and will take a light readily, which, though it might start a little wavy, should correct itself.

These medium-strength cigars offer up a variety of notes from pre-light and cold draw through to the second and final thirds, ranging from hay and earth (described by some as “barnyard” flavors) to a slight spiciness, as of cedar.

About halfway through the life of the smoke, getting into the second and final third, the cigar will open up a bit more. Some tasters have commented that the cigar offers slight hints of baking spices and even a meager bitterness, and perhaps some coffee-like notes.

One thing to note is to be conscientious about ashing the cigar, as these are not made with a mix of long and short filler tobaccos. They produce a nice ash, but after you have more than an inch or so on there, it’ll want to drop off.

Quorum cigars

Quorum Shade Cigars

The Quorum Shade, which is capped with a shade-grown Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, is a characteristically mellow cigar, making it perfect for smokers that appreciate lighter, creamier smokes. That doesn’t make the Quorum shade light on flavor or character.

Like the Quorum Classic, the Shade is available in a number of vitolas and construction is pretty good - perhaps better than good. It’s tight but not too tight, and the wrapper is smooth and glossy, but not perfect, with a vein here and there.

Pre-light and cold draw notes are similar to the Classic, but a little more subdued and with a very mild kick of spiciness. Earthy, grassy, haylike notes will take center stage, with a trailing finish of cedar, pepper, and a bit of sharpness - perhaps some citrus.

Also, like the Classic, the Shade will take a pretty good light, and may start out a little wavy, but that should correct itself as long as you don’t smoke too fast.

The early notes of the Shade are spicier and sharper than the Classic, even though the cigar has a lighter body. You’ll notice notes of earth and cedar. As the cigar matures, the spices and cedar will fade to the background as notes of earth and hay predominate.

Quorum Maduro Cigars

The Quorum Maduro is made for those that appreciate slightly heavier cigars, and it is probably the most powerful of the Quorum line, even though we would still call it medium-bodied at most.

The Quorum Maduro is made with Nicaraguan filler tobaccos and Connecticut Broadleaf binder tobaccos finished with a Sumatra Sungrown Wrapper that is dark, oily, sweet, and flavorful.

Just like the Classic and Shade, the Quorum Maduro features good-to-great construction. The wrapper has a beautiful oily sheen and is slightly toothy, but there is a vein here and there.

Maduro wrappers tend to be richer and sweeter than Connecticut shade-grown wrappers and a little less spicy. That’s what you’ll find in the pre-light and cold draw notes of the Quorum Maduro. You’ll get notes of earth and cedar, but with more chocolate, coffee, and earthy sweetness.

The first light will give you some chocolate, earth, and cedar, with an ever-so-slight kick of pepper.

These notes will continue as the cigar matures through the life of the smoke, with the pepper and spice taking a backseat to the earthy sweetness and slight bitterness of coffee and semi-sweet chocolate.

Again, the light will probably start a bit wavy but if you are conscientious about how you smoke it, it should even out on its own.

Find Out What Makes Quorum Cigars Some of the Best-Selling Cigar Bundles in the Country!

To wrap things all up, you can consider Quorum Cigars as some of the most popular bundled cigars in the country, and for good reason.

If you love mild-to-medium-bodied cigars at great prices and appreciate shade-grown Connecticut and sun-grown Maduro wrappers, it’s worth your while to give Quorum Cigars a try.

You can probably make an estimation of which you’d prefer based on this post, but if you’re looking for personal recommendations or have additional questions, give us a call at 888-216-5834 - we’d love to help.

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