Premium Cigar Bundles: A Basic Guide

Premium cigar bundles

Premium cigar bundles offer a lot of attractive advantages to novices and seasoned cigar enthusiasts alike, and here at Rocky’s Cigars, we sell some of the best of them.

This is just about everything you need to know about bundles: why to give them a shot, how to care for your tobacco, what you need to enjoy them properly, and so much more.

Start here and get in touch with us directly if you have any questions.

What Are the Top Reasons to Try Premium Cigar Bundles?

Some discerning smokers might stay away from bundles simply because they like to hand-pick cigars.

True, there are things you can only determine by handling and individually assessing a cigar, but if you’re shopping online in the first place, you’ve already bypassed that step.

Others might hold concerns that cigars are only bundled to mask deficiencies in quality, construction, or aging. The vast majority of the time, this is not the case.

Moreover, most premium cigar bundles are assembled by tobacco companies that would never do a thing to actively harm the perception of their brand. That works against their success.

If that’s not enough, here are some more of the top reasons that premium cigar bundles just might be the best way to experience new brands and blends.

  • Premium cigar bundles give you the ability to sample new cigar brands and blends, often at a steeply discounted price.
  • Cigar bundles can save you on the unit price per cigar.
  • Cigar bundles are an affordable way to expand your horizons with cigars you might not otherwise have tried.

What Are the Best Top-Selling Cigar Brands to Try?

Premium cigar bundles

Rocky’s Cigars is the first place to start on your journey to find the best of the best cigar bundles. These are some of the top sellers on our website and some of the most popular brands in the industry.

  • Quorum
  • Brioso
  • Flor de Oliva
  • Don Jose
  • El Suelo
  • New Cuba

In addition to these bundles we also offer cigar sampler packs from other select makers, including but not limited to:

  • RoMa Craft
  • Tatuaje
  • My Father
  • La Aroma de Cuba
  • ACID

What Cigar Accessories Do I Need to Buy to Enjoy Cigars?

If you’re looking for specific cigar accessories, you’re going to need some of the essentials to properly enjoy your newly purchased cigars.

If you’re already a seasoned smoker, then you know the drill. Otherwise, you need:

  • A cigar humidor: If you’re buying a bundle, then you need more than a travel case. You at least need a small humidor and humidification packs or tablets to ensure that you’re keeping your cigars stored properly. A good rule of thumb is 70℉, 70% humidity, and protection from light.
  • A travel case, if you’re going to be taking your cigars away from home or out of the humidor for extended periods of time.
  • A cigar cutter, a punch, or a cigar knife to prepare your cigar for smoking. Something to properly light the cigar. Most smokers use jet lighters, but some use soft flame lighters and others still insist on the use of matches and cedar spills. (Don’t forget butane lighter fluid for your lighter!)
  • An ashtray is not an absolutely necessity but is certainly nice to have, especially for smokers who smoke indoors. Look for one with a deep bowl and with offset stirrups so you have a place to rest your cigar.
Premium cigar bundles

Premium Cigar Bundles Come in Packs: How Do I Store Them?

If you invest in premium cigar bundles, you can do no greater injustice than failing to store these cigars the way they deserve.

For premium cigars, that means being protected from the light and in a humidor under tightly controlled humidity and temperature conditions.

For the most part, cigars should be stored at about 70% humidity. This helps preserve the flavors and will allow you to age the cigars nicely. This level of humidity will also help protect the viability of the leaf and prevent the cigars from drying out and cracking.

Also, if you’re going to bring your cigars away from home, don’t just keep them in a plastic bag. Do them the justice of protecting them with a high-quality cigar case that will slow down dehydration and will protect them against being crushed, bent, or broken.

Looking for Specific Recommendations? Contact Us!

Rocky’s Cigars is one of the best places online to get premium cigar bundles at deep discounts.

They represent an affordable way to expand your tastes, try new cigars, and save on bulk packs of your favorite blends.

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, get in touch with us directly and we’ll point you in the direction of a blend we think will meet your tastes. You can reach us at 888-216-5834 - we’d be happy to help.

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