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Out of all the cigars we have in our lineup here at Rocky's Cigars, we have to admit that the ACID One cigar is one of the most unique we have to offer. It strays away from convention and tradition in some interesting ways to create a cigar that feels very new and fresh. This is not the cigar your grandfather smoked in the evenings, it is definitely a cigar that caters to different interests or preferences in tobacco. Rather than playing off of traditional, tried-and-true flavors, the ACID One cigar does something different with its smooth, medium strength flavor. It uses Nicaraguan binder and fillers to create a rather light flavor profile that is certainly welcoming to beginners or those who just find that they prefer true medium bodied cigars to more robust options.

The flavor can be described as peppery and somewhat floral with some hints of red wine that offsets what you may be used to seeing in heartier cigars. The tobacco flavor feels pure and gives you a clean taste down to the last smoke, with no bitterness or aftertaste. The Cameroonian wrapper also enhances the flavor, adding another smooth touch to this easy going cigar. If you are looking for something that you can enjoy casually, the ACID One cigar is a great option. It provides you with a great, developed taste the whole way through and still manages to feel fresh and new. We can confidently recommend this one to anybody looking for a true medium cigar with an easy draw that is still full of flavor.

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