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The Aladino cigar is made for those who appreciate the classics. It is for the cigar smoker who just wants to enjoy a premium cigar that is made with high-quality ingredients through and through, allowing you to enjoy the ingredients for what they are. This is the sort of experience you get to enjoy when you smoke with the Honduran puro cigars that emphasize the natural flavors of their tobacco leaves. Aldino cigars from JRE are best known for their use of the iconic Cuban Corojo seed, which is used to grow their tobacco leaves. These leaves are used throughout the process of crafting the Aldino cigar, since they are used to create the wrapper, filler, and binder. The rich flavor of the Corojo leaf comes through powerfully, allowing you to indulge in great ingredients done right.

Aladino cigars are great for those who want to enjoy the pure taste of a medium strength Corojo tobacco cigar. The flavor could be described as being earthy with nuts and grains, enhanced by a pop of mild pepper, coffee, and spices with just a hint of sweetness to bring it all together again. It is an easy cigar to pick up on any given day and enjoy casually. This is the sort of cigar that you smoke when you just want to be reminded of what good tobacco tastes like, with its true flavors taking center stage.

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