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The Baka cigar is a classic product line from the popular house of RoMa Craft Cigars. They are so named for the Baku people who live in southeast Cameroon, where the cigar's wrapper originates. This homage pays tribute to the origin of the cigar's wrapper which is known for its unique rich flavor and depth, contributing greatly to the overall experience of the cigar. RoMa Craft outdid themselves with this particular type of cigar since the flavors are so rich and robust. Despite being such a well-loved and recognizable cigar, much is not actually known about its contents. The exact makeup of the cigar’s binders and fillers have long been kept secret, but people continue to speculate on what makes up this unique product.

It is hard to not recognize this tobacco by the taste alone, but the lingering scent might give it away as well. With these cigars, you will catch whiffs of earthiness, spices, nuts, and a hint of sweetness which can come through as vanilla, cocoa powder, or perhaps even maple. The sweetness and robust earthiness definitely comes together to create an enjoyable, balanced cigar that is perfect for sitting down with and relaxing. We love the RoMa Craft Baka cigars and recommend them confidently for anyone who enjoys rich, medium-bodied, well-developed flavors in their cigars from the much sought after Cameroon wrappers to the secretive binder and fillers. One thing that is not a secret, however, is the quality of the Baka cigar.

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