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When we think of the cigars that we love and what makes them so great, we normally consider things like the brand name, country of origin, flavor notes, and even types of wrappers. All of these traits come together to create the cigars we know and love, but there is more to them than just that. We also owe our gratitude to the talented craftsmen who take the time to carefully create these amazing tobacco products. Cigar companies respect and appreciate their blenders, rollers, and field workers because they know how to do their work the best and how to do their part to ensure that the cigars are up to a particular standard. Many have years and years of experience in their work, understanding how to perform their role the best and creating great work as a result.

Casa Fernandez understands this well and have even named a cigar after one of their master blenders, Arsenio Ramos, which is how we have all been given the Arsenio Casa Fernandez cigar. Arsenio has decades of experience working with cigars and tobacco and has put that skillful experience to use at Casa Fernandez, creating incredible products that we enjoy now. And yes, he even blended the Arsenio Casa Fernandez cigar himself, making sure if something had his name on it, it would be something special. Both Arsenio Ramos and Casa Fernandez took their time to craft this cigar inspired by the Cuban flavors he knew from his youth. It is a rich, complex cigar with clear notes of fresh spiciness that brighten the flavors even more with earthiness, leather, and coffee coming through.

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