Get to Know RoMa Craft Cigars

RoMa Craft cigars

For the cigar smoker with their eye on something new, RoMa Craft cigars may seem pretty intriguing as an option. RoMa Craft Tobac is considered more of a boutique brand at this point with a small but impressive lineup of products so far. They landed with a splash and have since had more and more cigar smokers interested in them.

Founded in only 2012 by Mike Rosales and Skip Martin, RoMa Craft combines new and old school ways of approaching tobacco. The age difference between these two gentlemen has only benefited the label by allowing them to draw from their distinct experiences with tobacco to create something new that calls upon older practices.

With so many smokers just now becoming acquainted with this brand, we thought that we could step in and help you familiarize yourself with this interesting cigar label. At this moment, RoMa Craft has many eyes on it, wondering what it will release next. Since many of us have become accustomed to our favorite companies having decades of experience, this brand had to set itself apart from the rest with cigars that are in high demand right now.

As a community of cigar enthusiasts at Rocky’s Cigars, we love seeing newer brands emerge and people willing to try them out right away. We want all of our customers to have a positive experience when trying out these brands, so we wanted to offer some advice on ways you can try out RoMa Craft cigars. Choose one method or multiple, and see what this cigar label has to offer you.

RoMa Craft cigars

Popular Brands
First thing’s first, we want to take a moment to highlight some of the most popular cigars from the brand right now. These are the ones we see as being the biggest hits with the consumers who test out cigar after cigar on a regular basis and love what they found with RoMa Craft cigars.

The RoMa Craft CroMagnon and Neanderthal line of cigars have captured people’s attention for their strong, impactful flavors. These cigars are rich and robust, full of earthy flavors. They are great examples of the company’s view of itself as being very rustic and primal.

Using tobacco from multiple countries, RoMa Craft is able to carefully create blends that have some kick to them. This is not so much a label for those who want subtle, mellow cigars, but for those who like bold flavors. These cigars, and the label in general, is easy to recommend to cigar smokers with more experience for this reason.

Flavors You Love
One of the main reasons why people tend to stick to their handful of favorite cigars instead of branching out, is because they are put off by the risk factor. They do not want to take a chance on something they are unsure of, just to be disappointed and feel like they wasted their money. It can also leave cigar smokers feeling put off from trying different brands again.

But we feel you are not truly enjoying this hobby if you are only allowing yourself to smoke a few types of cigars. You may know that you like two or three different brands, but you will never discover what other brands or lines you may like if you never give them a try.

A way to make it easier to try out RoMa Craft cigars is to know your tastes. Know what flavor notes you like and what types of cigars you like, then seek those out in cigars from RoMa Craft. You may notice you prefer full bodied cigars with full flavors, or perhaps you enjoy mellow, medium-full cigars that are a bit smoother for a casual smoke.

It is good to pinpoint what notes, flavors, tobacco leaves, or strengths you like best for reference. RoMa Craft offers a range of products to suit different preferences, so you are likely to find something that sounds like it would be right up your alley and possibly a new favorite.

RoMa Craft cigars

RoMa Craft Sampers
Generally, when people are looking to try out cigar brands they are unfamiliar with, it is easy to recommend sampler packs. These are packs of curated cigars, either from single brands or multiple ones, that are meant to be an introduction to the companies that are included.

This is a useful way for people to try out multiple cigars at one time and form an opinion of them quickly. Samplers are less expensive than buying all of the singles one by one and incentivize people to go outside of the box and try new things.

The same can be said about samplers for RoMa Craft cigars as well. RoMa Craft arranges some very enticing looking samplers that we think are great for those interested in the brand. For each sampler, you receive a handful of fine, premium cigars that you can try out back to back. By the time you are done with your entire sampler, you will have learned some things about the cigar brands you tried, the company overall, and perhaps even a bit about your own tastes.

Those who are curious about RoMa Craft cigars, but just cannot make up their minds about where to begin will do well to try out a sampler as a starting point. From there, you can decide if you would like to test out more and which ones you want to purchase next. Check out some of the RoMa Craft cigar samplers we have at Rocky’s Cigars and get to know the brand.

When you are ready to place your next order of cigars and tobacco products, make sure you throw in at least one cigar from RoMa Craft Tobac. This could be a great opportunity for you to discover a brand making waves while it is still relatively new.

We have a good amount of RoMa Craft cigars for you to choose from at Rocky’s Cigars, plus we go into more detail on our recommendations in another blog that you should check out for ideas of what to pick first.

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